A downloadable game for Windows

Deltablast is a mix of "Infinite Runner" and "FPS" genres.

What You Have to Do In This Game is Easy.
Get The Highest Score Possible Than Anyone Else.
But Don't Forget That Game Gets Faster When 
Your Points Start Going Up!
Good Luck Out There!
And Don't Forget To Read Information About The Game When You First Play To Learn About The Game Even More!


Deltablast_Win.rar 29 MB

Development log


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This is a lot of fun. Very hard, but fun. The speed up is intense. Nice music.

Some issues with spawn sometimes.

and on this run I had 2 health left, and as I passed a wall that I avoided, I died with a health of -1.

Hmmmm thanks for letting me know :)


Ok i believe i have fixed the issues